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1. Are minors allowed to attend the festival?
Yes. Children aged 10 and younger receive free admittance (see Rules and Regulations, item 3 point 7). Minors aged 15 and younger may attend the festival if accompanied by a legal guardian or other authorized adult, and at the sole liability of the adult. The adult must sign a liability (including financial liability) waiver for the minor. Liability waivers for legal guardians and other authorized adults may be found at www.off-festival.pl.
2. Can I bring food and drinks into the festival?
Food and drinks cannot be brought into the festival, but concession stands will be set up on the festival grounds.

3. Can I bring an umbrella into the festival?
Only small, collapsible umbrellas are permitted. Large umbrellas with sharp, metal or wooden tips are not allowed. We recommend bringing a rain poncho.
4. Will there be a special viewing area provided for persons with disabilities?
Yes, special viewing platforms for persons with disabilities will be set up in front of the mBank Stage and the Forest Stage. Please check the festival map for locations.

5. Will there be a taxi stand at the festival?
There will be a taxi stand in front of the main entrance to the festival.

6. Are dogs allowed at the festival and the Festival Village?
Dogs are not allowed at the festival and Festival Village. Only blind attendees may be accompanied by service dogs.

7. Do I need to have a photo ID with me?
Yes. You may only enter the festival if you have a photo ID and a ticket. The ticket will be exchanged for a wristband when you enter the festival for the first time. A photo ID is also required to check in at the Festival Village.

8. Can I present a photo ID other than a national ID card?
Yes. If you don’t have an ID card, you may use any other piece of photo ID, such as a student ID or a passport.

9. Will there be a luggage storage facility at the festival and Festival Village?
Yes, a luggage storage service will be available for a fee.

10. How far are the festival and Festival Village from public transport stops?
About 600 meters from the main entrance to the festival and about 200 meters from the Festival Village.

11. Will there be an ATM at the festival and Festival Village?
There will be an ATM at the festival, but not at the Festival Village. ATMs can also be found at the nearby shopping centers.

12. Who can enter the Festival Village?
Only people who have purchased a festival pass with a camping spot can enter the Festival Village.

13. Can I register a tent through the registration form?
Yes, but make sure to list the personal information of everyone who will be staying in the tent.

14. Are minors allowed to enter the Festival Village?
Yes, provided they have written consent from a parent or legal guardian (parent/legal guardian consent forms are available at the festival website).

15. Can I park a camper or a trailer at the Festival Village?
No, only tents are allowed at the Festival Village. Convenient camper parking is available on the other side of Dolina Trzech Stawów: Camping 215, ul. Trzech Stawów 23.

16. Will security be provided at the Festival Village?

17. How far apart are the festival and Festival Village?
About 800 meters.

18. Can I charge a cellular phone at the Festival Village? Is the service free of charge?
Yes, chargers can be plugged in at the Festival Village, but the number of charging stations is limited.

19. Can I plug in an electric kettle or stove at the Festival Village?

20. Is the Festival Village open 24 hours a day?
Yes, you may come and go at all hours.

21. Are festival passes with camping spots required for every person staying at the campgrounds, or just for the owner of the tent?
Every person staying at the campgrounds is required to have a festival pass with a camping spot.

22. Will the Festival Village concession stands be open 24 hours a day?

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Hotel Angelo **** Katowice
40 086 Katowice   ul.Sokolska 24
tel. +48 32 78 38 100
fax. +48 32 78 38 113

PARK HOTEL DIAMENT KATOWICE **** ul. Wita Stwosza 37
tel.: (+48 32) 720 00 00
fax: (+48 32) 720 00 01
www.hoteldiament.pl katowicepark@hoteldiament.pl

Hotel Qubus Prestige **** ul.Uniwersytecka 13
tel.: (+48 32)  601 01 00
fax: (+48 32) 601 02 00
www.qubushotel.com  Katowice@qubushotel.com

Best Western Premier Katowice Hotel**** ul. Bytkowska 1A
tel. :   +48 32 721 11 11
fax:   +48 32 721 11 00
www.bestwesternkatowice.pl  rezerwacja@bestwesternkatowice.pl

Hotel Novotel Rondo Katowice **** ul. Roździeńskiego 16
tel.: (+48 32) 200 44 11,   200 44 44
fax: (+48 32) 200 44 11
www.orbis.pl rez.nov.katowice@orbis.pl


Hotel Diament *** ul. Dworcowa 9
tel.: (+48 32) 253 90 41
fax: (+48 32) 253 90 43
www.hoteldiament.pl katowice@hoteldiament.pl

DeSilva Inn Katowice Airport - ul. Równoległa 2
tel.: (+48 32) 393 88 88
fax: (+48 32) 393 88 01


Olympia Spodek*** - ul. W. Korfantego 35
tel.: 32/ 606 85 85
fax: 32/ 254 21 55
e-mail: olympia@stylehotels.pl

Quality Hotel Katowice*** Szybowcowa 1A
tel.: (+48 32) 606 88 00
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www.hotelsystem.pl premium.kat@hotelsystem.pl

 Economy** w Hotel System Premium*** (dawny POPhotel) Szybowcowa 1A
tel.: (+48 32) 606 88 00
fax.: (+48 32) 606 88 01
www.hotelsystem.pl pop.kat@hotelsystem.pl

 Katowice ** ul. W. Korfantego 9
tel.: (+48 32) 258 82 81, 259 80 21
fax: (+48 32) 259 75 25
www.hotel-katowice.com.pl hotel@hotel-katowice.pl



Etap Hotel - Katowice Centrum * al. Roździeńskiego 18
tel.: (+48 32) 350 50 40
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Hotel Campanile ** ul. Sowińskiego 48
tel.: (+48 32) 205 50 50
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Hotel Kinga *** ul. Zimowa 36
tel.: (+48 32) 209 96 69
fax: (+48 32) 314 15 00

GOŚCINIEC MURCKOWSKI ** ul. Murckowska 64a
40-265 Katowice
tel. (+48 32) 352 99 99
fax: (+48 32) 352 39 39
www.gosciniecmurckowski.pl gosciniecmurckowski@op.pl

AWF * - ul. Mikołowska 72c
tel.: (+48 32) 207 54 00
fax: (+48 32) 251 02 26
www.hotel.awf.katowice.pl hotel@awf.katowice.pl  


Apartamenty SleepCity
tel.: (+48) 509 75 29 35
tel.: (+48) 608 08 07 56
www.sleepcity.pl rezerwacja@sleepcity.pl

Senator - ul. 1 Maja 3
tel./fax: (+48 32) 258 60 81
www.senator.katowice.pl senator@senator.katowice.pl

Załęże - ul. Gliwicka 106
tel.: (+48 32) 254 60 51, 254 90 22
fax: (+48 32) 254 60 51
www.zaleze.katowice.pl  zaleze@zaleze.katowice.pl

Zajazd Sportowy GKS - ul. Ceglana 67
tel.: (+48 32) 251 00 93
fax: (+48 32) 757 40 51
www.sts.coig.pl zajazdsts@coig.pl

euroHOTEL - ul. Z. Nałkowskiej 10
tel./fax: (+48 32) 255 46 82,353 39 55
www.eurohotelkatowice.pl recepcja@eurohotelkatowice.pl

Hotel Asystencki - Gościnny Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
ul. Paderewskiego 32-32a
tel./fax: (+48 32) 255 44 17

Hotel Bankowy - ul. Adamskiego 7
tel.: (+48 32) 257 14 29, 251 78 28
fax: (+48 32) 351 78 23

Akademik WSZMiJO - ul. Klimczoka 7
tel. (32) 359 58 46, 359 58 45
http://www.gallus.pl/Dom-Studencki.html nieruchomosci@gallus.pl

Obiekt Noclegowy PKP - ul. św. Huberta 11
tel.: 032-710-59-55
www.csid.pl - filia.katowice@csid.pl

Zajazd Gościniec "Śląski" - ul. Kościuszki 352
tel.: 032 202-95-56

Gościniec Tombor - ul. Zbożowa 38
tel.: 0300 400 550

Camping 215 Dolina 3 Stawów **** ul. Murckowska 6
tel.: 032 255-53-88

Schronisko Młodzieżowe Ślązaczek ul. Sokolska 26
tel.: (032) 351 19 56

 Residence - Apartament Hotel ul. Kopernika 6
tel.: 032 608-42-52
www.euroresidence.com.pl biuro@euroresidence.com.pl

 "Pod Wzgórzem Wandy" - ul. Bielska
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Jantor - ul. Z. Nałkowskiej 10
tel.: (032) 255-71-41
www.jantor.ehost.pl - info@jantor.ehost.pl

 "Baildon" - ul. Klimczoka 6
tel./fax: (32) 254 67 33

Zajazd "Dyliżans Pocztowy" - ul. Rolna 7
tel.: 032 252-18-17
www.zts-katowice.pl/zajazd.html   dylizans@katowice.poczta-polska.pl

 gościnne - ul. Połomińska 11a
tel. 601 415 535

Pokoje gościnne - ul. Astrów 12
tel. 032- 80-12-212 - www.sport.katowice.pl

Pokoje gościnne "Zacisze" - Ul. Słowackiego 15/7
tel.: 515 272 124
www.noclegizacisze.pl kontakt@noclegizacisze.pl

 - ul. Mariacka 31
tel.: 511 66 66 77

JOPI Hostel - ul. Plebiscytowa 23
tel. +4832-20-43-432
www.jopihostel.pl jopihostel@jopihostel.pl

Apartamenty Silesia - ul. Plebiscytowa 9
tel.: 504 525 429
www.apartamenty-katowice.pl apartamenty_katowice@interia.eu


Hostel In Loft - ul. Korczka 95
tel.: 501 599 765
Pokoje do wynajęcia - ul. Zbożowa 20 H 
tel.: 501 599 765
twojhostel w Katowicach
ul. Klimczoka 7 
nr tel. 722 222 020
nr tel. 32 202 30 25





 § 1
General Provisions.
1. The following Rules and Regulations (hereinafter called “the Rules”) are published in accordance with the Law on the Safety of Mass Events of March 20, 2009 (Journal of Laws 2009, no. 62, item 504) and in accordance with the Act of April 23, 1964, Civil Code (Journal of Laws no. 16 item 93 with subsequent amendments).

2. The Rules are published by Fundacja “Independent,” based in Katowice at ul. Alfonsa Górnika 3/5, 40-133, entered into the register of associations, other social and professional organizations, foundations, and public health care facilities under KRS:0000299949, NIP: 2220846119, REGON:240858978 (hereinafter called “the Organizers”), the organizers of the event called “Off Festival Katowice,” which will be held on August 3-6, 2012 in Katowice at Dolina Trzech Stawów (hereinafter called “the Event”).

3. The Rules apply to all persons present at the location at which the Event is held during the entire duration of the Event. Each person present at said location during the duration of the Event must abide by the provisions set out in the Rules below.

4. The purpose of the Rules is to ensure the security of the Event by specifying rules of behavior for those participating in the Event and rules for using the Event Grounds, as well as to regulate the rights and responsibilities of participants resulting from their purchases of tickets.

§ 2

The definitions of words used in these Rules are as follows:

a) “Ticket” – individual permission granted by the Organizers for the Attendee to enter the Event. The Ticket is exchanged for an Identifier (wristband) upon first entrance to the Festival Grounds.

b) “Identifier”– a wristband of a design chosen by the Organizers. Attendees are required to fasten the wristband on their right or left wrists before entering the Festival grounds. The Identifier may only be used by one person. It is forbidden to transfer or lend the Identifier to others. A damaged, torn, lost, or stolen Identifier is the liability of the Attendee and shall be considered invalid;

c) “Attendee” – a participant of the Event, as permitted by the Identifier, issued in exchange for the Ticket. The Attendee may by an adult or a minor. Minors under 15 may only participate in the Event if accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or other authorized adult, and at the liability of said adult, after the adult has signed a liability (including financial liability) waiver for the minor upon first entry to the Event. Parent or legal guardian liability waivers is available to download below:

Download festival liability waiver here

d) “Event Grounds”– the designated area of the mass event at Dolina Trzech Stawów in Katowice where the artistic events of the Festival will take place, not including the VIP Zone, the Food Court, and the Festival Village;

e) “Festival Village”– the designated area outside the Event Grounds, accessible for a fee to Event Attendees, intended for use as a campground for a maximum of 2,000 tents, together with sanitary facilities;

f) “Food Court” – the designated area outside the Event Grounds where Event Attendees may exchange Festival Coupons for beverages (hot and cold) and food (hot and cold). 

g) "Festival Coupons” – legal tender exchangeable at the Food Court exclusively for beverages and other articles. Rules pertaining to the use of Festival Coupons are listed in separate Rules and Regulations, available at www.off-festival.pland at exchange points;

h) “VIP Zone” – a designated area outside the Event Grounds accessible only to authorized persons bearing the appropriate Identifier.

§ 3

1. Entry to the Event Grounds will only be authorized upon presentation of a valid proof of identity and a Ticket, which shall be exchanged for an Identifier upon first entry. Each subsequent entry to the Event Grounds shall only be authorized upon presentation of an Identifier permanently fastened on the wrist of the Attendee.

2. Tickets are sold exclusively at authorized points of sales. A list of authorized points of sales is available at www.off-festival.pl. Tickets may be sold at the price printed on the Ticket exclusively. The resale of Tickets at prices higher than that printed on the Ticket is prohibited. The resale of Tickets by auction, bidding, contest, and resale for profit outside authorized points of sale is prohibited.

3. Only original Tickets purchased in accordance with the above Rules and Regulations may be exchanged for Identifiers. Tickets purchased in violation of the above Rules and Regulations may be nullified by the Organizers (or their representatives) without reimbursement.

4. Regardless of the fulfillment of items 1–3, admission onto the Event Grounds will refused to any persons:

a) against whom a legally binding court order has been issued, barring said person from attending mass events,

b) against whom a legally binding court order has been issued, requiring said person to refrain from attending mass events, issued to the convict as part of a probation agreement, or issued to a minor on the basis of art. 6 item 2 of the Act of October 26, 1982 on procedures regarding cases involving minors.

c) who refuse to submit to a check of their authorization to attend a mass event. Should it be determined that the person lacks such authorization, he or she will be asked to leave the mass event. The Organizers reserve the right to verify the identity of attendees by checking proof of identity. The Organizers reserve the right to search the luggage and clothing of persons suspected of bringing into the event and carrying such items as weapons, other dangerous objects, explosives, fireworks, materials that may cause a fire hazard, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, and psychoactive substances.

d) who lack an Identifier,

e) who are under the visible influence of alcohol, narcotics, psychoactive substances, or other substance with similar effects (including pharmaceuticals),

f) who are carrying weapons or other objects, materials, products, beverages, or substances mentioned in article 4 item 9 of these Rules and Regulations,

g) who are behaving in an aggressive or provocative fashion, or in any other way that constitutes a safety or security hazard to the Event,

h) who cannot be identified due to their appearance,

i) who are carrying plastic or glass containers or cans, etc.

j) who are carrying other dangerous objects,

k) who cannot present valid identification.

6. Objects shall be deemed dangerous at the discretion of the Security And Information Personnel.

7. Children aged 10 and younger receive free admittance to the Event.

§ 4

1. The Organizers shall ensure the security of those attending the Event and provide security during the Event through:

a) Security And Information Personnel and information personnel, identified by characteristic pieces of clothing and/or identification badges,

b) a chief of security, hired to direct the Security Personnel and organize their work,

c) medical assistance and sanitary facilities.

2. Event Attendees and all those present at the Event Grounds are required to obey instructions given by the Security And Information Personnel and the chief of security. Attendees may only refuse to obey said instructions if the instructions are in contradiction to generally binding laws.

3. Event Attendees and all those present at the Event Grounds are required to behave in a manner that does not endanger the safety of others present at the Event, and are especially required to obey the provisions of these Rules and Regulations. It is prohibited to damage markers, information signs, advertising media, and equipment at the Event Grounds. Attendees are required to use sanitary facilities exclusively in the manner intended.

4. Event Attendees and all those present at the Event Grounds are required to wear a valid Identifier on their wrists. The lack of an Identifier, or an Identifier that is torn or damaged, as well as an Identifier that is not fastened around the wrist constitute unequivocal grounds for the removal of the Attendee from the Event Grounds.

5. Security And Information Personnel, identified by identification badges worn in a visible area, are permitted, in accordance with the Law on the Safety of Mass Events, to:

a) check Attendees’ authorization to attend the Event,

b) ask Attendees to present ID,

c) examine the clothing and luggage of Attendees, in case of suspicion that said Attendees are carrying objects mention in item 9 of this article,

d) determine a person’s authorization to attend the Event, and in the case of the lack of such authorization, to ask said person to leave the Event,

e) issue security instructions to persons disturbing public order or behaving in a manner that violates the rules and regulation of mass events, and in case of refusal to cooperate, ask said person to leave the Event,

f) apply physical force in the form of restraining locks and similar defense techniques in the case of a threat to the property with which the Security Personnel have been entrusted, or to resist an attack against Security Personnel or another person, in accordance with article 38 of the Act of August 22, 1997 on the protection of persons and property (Journal of Laws no. 114, item 740 with subsequent amendments),

g) apprehend persons posing a direct threat to the life and health of others and protected property, with the purpose of immediate transfer of said persons to the Police.

6. Security And Information Personnel are required to remove from the Event Grounds persons whose behavior disturbs public order or violates the Rules and Regulations.

7. Depending on the potential risks and needs, Security And Information Personnel may be equipped with hand-held metal detectors, sample tickets, sample identifiers, and sample invitations, as well as any other necessary and legally permissible self-defense measures.

8. Security And Information Personnel determine a person’s authorization to be present at the Event by:

a) checking whether the person has a valid ticket, or an identifier that has been issued in exchange for the ticket,
as well as by

b) comparing the presented document with a sample.

9. It is forbidden to bring in and carry the following at the Event:

a) weapons or other dangerous objects,

b) explosives,

c) fireworks,

d) materials that may cause a fire hazard,

e) alcoholic beverages,
f) narcotics and psychoactive substances.

10. It is forbidden to enter the Event Grounds with animals, with the exception of blind Attendees, who may enter the Event Grounds with their seeing-eye dogs.
11. It is forbidden to provide services, trade, or conduct any other commercial activity at the Event Grounds without the consent of the Organizers.

12. It is forbidden to bring in to the Event and uses telephoto lenses over 200 mm and television and video cameras. Only accredited journalists and photographers are permitted to take pictures using cameras and telephoto lenses over 200 mm during the festival It is forbidden to record video or other formats (DV, DV Cam, Beta, etc.), with the exception of persons who have been granted permission and have proper authorization (accreditation). 

13. Attendees may be adults, or minors under the supervision and at the liability of a parent, legal guardian, or other authorized adult.

14. The Organizers, meaning the persons acting in their name and at their request, are authorized to check the ID of every person entering and exiting the Event, as well as those present at the Event, especially with the purpose of investigating the circumstances mentioned in the above items.

15. Should the inspected luggage or clothing be found to contain objects that are forbidden to be brought into or carried at the Event, Security And Information Personnel may refuse entry to the person with whom the said items have been found, or remove the person from the Event Grounds.

16. Persons who have been refused entry into the Event or removed from the Event Grounds shall not be reimbursed for their Ticket or any other claims.

17. The Organizers shall provide fire safety by ensuring the staff and Security And Information Personnel are familiar with the location of hydrants and extinguishers, as well as protocol in case of fire. The Organizers shall also provided the following training to Security Personnel: evacuation protocol, notifying the fire department, use of hand-held fire extinguishers, and first-aid training.

§ 5

1. A purchased Ticket cannot be exchanged or returned. The Organizers reserve the right to cancel the Event without prior notice. The Organizers will not be required to provide any reimbursement, compensation, or restitution to Ticket bearers, aside from the price printed on the Ticket for the canceled Event.

2. The legal tender at the Event Grounds and the Food Court is the festival coupon, which can be exchanged for such goods as food and beverages. Money can be exchanged for coupons at specially marked points on the Event Grounds. Rules pertaining to the use of Festival Coupons are listed in separate Rules and Regulations, available at www.off-festival.pland at exchange points

3. The Organizer reserves the right to decide and amend the program of the Event  with just cause, as well as the right to decide and amend the list of performers and scheduling of the program without prior consultation, reimbursement, compensation, or restitution to the Ticket bearer.

4. Event Attendees and others present at the Event Grounds may be subject to prolonged exposure to sound levels that may cause hearing damage. Attendees participate in the Event at their own risk. Those particularly at risk include pregnant women and persons suffering from epilepsy.

5. The Organizers shall record the Event for the purpose of documenting, promoting, and advertising the Event, future events, the Organizers, and the sponsors. The faces of those participating in the Event may be recorded and subsequently published for the purpose of documentation, journalism, advertising, and promotion, to which the Attendee agrees at the moment they enter the Event Grounds.

§ 6

1. The Organizers reserve all rights to the name and logo of the Event. Official programs and gadgets associated with the Event shall be sold exclusively at the Event Grounds or at points of sale authorized by the Organizers.

2. The status of a sponsor of the Event may be granted exclusively by the Organizers.

3. The Organizers shall not be held responsible for Force Majeure. Force Majeure shall be considered any event that lies beyond the control of the Organizers and which makes the fulfillment of the Organizers responsibilities and duties impossible. The following shall especially be considered Force Majeure: atmospheric conditions (e.g. rainfall, hot weather), breakdowns or disruptions of the equipment providing electricity, heating, and lighting, and actions undertaken by national or local authorities with regards to laws, policies, and rules that affect the fulfillment of the above responsibilities and/or duties, as well as any extraordinary social, economical, political, or legal phenomena (changes).

4. The above Rules and Regulations are available at: www.off-festival.plas well as festival information points.

5. Security And Information Personnel may issue their own security and fire safety instructions, in accordance with binding laws/

6. All issues not settled herein are regulated by the appropriate laws, particularly the Law on the Safety of Mass Events.

7. The above Rules and Regulations are effective as of March 27, 2012.


The Food Court is excluded from the Festival grounds. Festival participants will be subjected to checks at entrances and exits. Alcohol and cigarettes will not be sold to intoxicated persons or minors.

All food products, beverages, and beer will be purchased exclusively with festival coupons or MasterCard PayPassdebit cards. Festival coupons may be purchased at the ticket booths located at the entrance to the food court and at the main gate of the Festival.

At the food court, it is forbidden to:

1.consume any alcoholic beverages other than beer or wine sold at concessions stands in the food court;

2.sell anything without the consent of the organizer;

3. litter;

4.discard cigarette butts in garbage cans or on the grass;

5.enter or throw any objects or waste into the lake;

6.consume beverages purchased outside the food court or Festival grounds;

7.use drugs.

8.It is forbidden to carry any food or glass containers out of the food court into the Festival grounds.


Festival participants are requested to:

1. sort waste into the specially marked containers;

2. dispose of cigarette butts exclusively in ashtrays;

3. refrain from excessively rearranging the furniture;

4. refrain from feeding the dolphins in the lake;

5. smoke only in designated areas or in a manner that does not bother non-smokers.

Persons who are intoxicated, whose behavior poses a threat to others, or who do not comply with the regulations of the Food Court may be permanently removed from the Food Court and Festival grounds.


Festival tickets rules and regulations


1. Festival tickets entitle their bearer to purchase exclusively beverages and other food products at concession stands located at “OFF Festival Katowice 2011,” held at Dolina Trzech Stawów in Katowice, August 5-7, 2011 (hereinafter: “the Festival”).

2. Festival participants may make purchases at concession stands located at the Festival exclusively with the use of festival coupons, excluding selected and marked concession stands where payments can also be made using the MasterCard PayPass swipeless card.

3. Festival coupons may be used as payment exclusively on August 5, 6, 7 and the night of August 7/8, 2011, during the concession stands’ hours of business, from 1:00 pm. to 4:00 am.


1. The value of the festival coupon is 2.00 PLN (two Polish złoty).

2. The prices of beverages and other food products offered at concession stands at he Festival will be equal to the value of 1 (one) festival coupon or its multiple.

3. The prices of beverages and other food products offered at concession stands at he Festival will be listed in Polish złoty.

4. Vendors will not provide change in cash for transactions made in festival coupons.


1. Festival coupons may be purchased exclusively at marked ticket booths at the Festival on August 5-7 starting at 1:00 pm.

2. Festival coupons may be purchased at ticket booths at the Festival exclusively for cash.

3. Festival coupons not issue by the Festival Organizer or which lack security components will not be be honored at the Festival and will not be reimbursed.


1. Festival coupons unused during the Festival may be redeemed for their face value in cash.

2. Damaged or destroyed festival coupons will not be redeemable for cash.

3. Festival participants may redeem unused festival coupons exclusively at marked exchange booths on August 8, 2011, from 9:00 am. to 12:00 noon at the latest.

4. Festival coupons will be void after the above deadline and will not be redeemable for cash.



I. Definitions:

Foundation The Independent Foundation, located at 3/5 Alfonsa Górnika Str. 41-400 Katowice, entered into the National Court Register under KRS number 0000299949;

StoreThe online store run by the Independent Foundation at www.off-festival.pl, which sells, via the Internet, tickets and passes that grant access to cultural events;

Ticket – Ticket(s) and pass(es), sold via the store, that grant access to cultural events organized or co-organized by the Independent Foundation;

Working daysAll the days of the week from Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays;

CustomerA person who makes purchases at the Store and has a Customer Account registered with the Store;

Customer Account – A personal database with restricted third-party access, which contains the data of the Customer, and which is used to place Customer orders and process said orders, and which contains the order status of Tickets purchased by the Customer;

Wire TransferPayment made by the Customer from an online bank account through the Dotpay system;

Rules and Regulations These rules and regulations regarding Ticket sales through the Store;

II. Placing and processing of orders

  1. The Store conducts Ticket sales over the internet via the www.off-festival.pl store, where Customers place their orders.

  2. By placing the order and completing payment, the Customer enters into an agreement with the Foundation for the sale of the Ticket.

3. In placing the order, the Customer:

- chooses the cultural event and its date

- chooses the type and quantity of ordered Tickets,

- chooses the method of payment,

- accepts the terms and conditions of the purchase of the Ticket(s) and accepts the Rules and Regulations (if said terms and conditions and Rules and Regulations are not accepted, the order cannot be placed).

4. Customers placing their first order at the Store will be asked to open a Customer Account when placing said order. A Customer Account must be opened in order to place and process the order. To open the Customer Account, the Customer will be required to provide personal information and agree to the processing of said personal information by the Foundation according to the conditions set forth in point 7 of the Rules and Regulations, and agree to comply with the Rules and Regulations.

5. After placing their order, the Customer will receive a message by e-mail confirming that the order has been successfully placed with the Store (order confirmation).

6. The Customer is obligated to pay the purchase prise of the Ticket immediately after placing the order.

7. The Foundation hereby states that a limited number of Tickets will be available for promotional sales. Orders for such Tickets shall be processed in the order in which the Foundation receives the confirmations of said orders, and will continue until the allotment of Tickets available under these conditions of sale is exhausted.

7. A VAT invoice will be issued for every order upon request. To receive a VAT invoice, the Customer is required to send a request by e-mail to bilety@off-festival.pl and include the correct information for the invoice along with the order number. Invoices are sent exclusively by e-mail.


III. Cancellation of the event

  1. In the event that the cultural event is canceled, or its date or venue changed, the Store shall notify, via e-mail, Customers who have purchased Tickets, and post an appropriate notice on the Stores website.

  2. In the event of the cancellation of an outdoor event, the Store is not obligated to notify individually each Customer who has purchased a Ticket that it will be unable to perform its obligations, provided that the the cancellation occurs no fewer than 14 days before the date of the event. In such an event, the Store will announce the fact by posting an appropriate notice on the Stores website.

  3. Partial modification of the list of artists or groups performing at a festival (i.e. a cultural event in which many artists and groups perform) will not be considered an inability to perform obligations. In such an event, Tickets will not be returnable.

  4. In situations described paragraph 2, Ticket returns will be accepted and processed within 30 days of the Customer being notified by e-mail, or, if the Customer has not been notified, within 30 days of the posting of the appropriate notice on the Stores website, unless the event organizer has specified different terms.


IV. Prices and delivery

  1. All prices of all Tickets posted on the Store’s website in Polish are listed in Polish Złotys and include VAT. All prices of all Tickets posted on the Store’s website in English are listed in Euro and include VAT.

  2. The price of purchase of the Ticket is binding for the Store and Customer at the moment in which the Customer places the order for the Ticket.

  3. The Store reserves the right to modify: Ticket prices, the types of Tickets, and promotions. The rights listed above have no effect on the fulfillment of the contracts entered into and orders placed before such changes take effect, in accordance with a notice posted in the Store.

  4. The rules and regulations of individual cultural events for which Tickets are sold by the Store are posted either directly on the Store’s website, or are accessible via a link on the Store’s website to another website containing the relevant Rules and Regulations.

  5. Tickets for events held by the Foundation are delivered electronically in the form of an order confirmation and instructions for redeeming the Tickets for admission cards. Admission cards in the form of wristbands or ID badges are issued based on: personal information provided by the Customer, a printout of the order confirmation, and the Customer’s personal photo ID, immediately before the beginning of the given event, at special locations run by the Organizer.

  6. Tickets for events held by the Foundation are personal and non-transferrable.

  7. The Store shall not be liable for failure to place an order, failure to provide order confirmation, or inability to pay the purchase price – due to an invalid or imprecise address provided by the Customer, problems with the internet, or other circumstances beyond the Store’s control.

  8. The Store shall not be liable in any way for the conduct of an event which is the sole responsibility of an organizer other than the Foundation, and shall not be liable in any way for the content of the advertising for such an event nor its factuality.


V. Methods of payment

  1. The Customer may choose the following form of payment for goods ordered and delivered within Poland: wire transfer via the Dotpay transaction system.

  2. Processing of the order will begin once the Store has received confirmation of successful payment from the Dotpay payment operator.

  3. The Store does not accept the following form of payment: “cash on delivery,” and does not send Tickets by mail nor for cash on delivery.


VI. Claims

The Customers has the right to submit a written claim to the address of the Foundation.

Claims are considered within 14 days of receipt of the claim. In the event that the claim is accepted, the Store will promptly refund the Customer the equivalent of the payed price of the Ticket or propose an alternative solution, at the Customer’s discretion.


VII Personal information

  1. By placing an order at the Store, the Customer agrees to have their personal information placed in the database of the Independent Foundation (the database administrator) and the processing of said information for the purpose of the fulfillment of the agreement. The Customer may also express consent to the processing of said data for the purpose of receiving news and information regarding cultural events held by the Foundation.

  2. The submission of personal information by the Customer and the Customer’s permission to process said data is necessary in order for the Store to process the order. The Customer is liable for providing false personal information.

  3. Personal information is protected under the Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997 (Dz. U., year 2002, no. 133, item 833). The Customer retains the right to access, modify, and request the deletion of the personal information provided.


VIII Final provisions

  1. Entrance Tickets presented on the Store’s websites shall not constitute an offer as defined by the Civil Code.

  2. All issues not settled herein are regulated by the Civil Code, and, with regards to consumers, the provisions of the Act of March 2, 2000 regarding special terms of consumer sales, and amendments to the Civil Code, and the Act on the Protection of Certain Consumer Rights and on the Liability for Damage caused by Dangerous Products (Dz. U., year 2000, no. 22, item 271).

  3. The Foundation reserves the right to modify the Rules and Regulations. All changes to the Rules and Regulations are effective as of the date on which they are published on the Store’s website. Contracts and agreements entered into prior to the date of amendments to the these Rules and Regulations shall be fulfilled under the terms in effect on the day on which the order was placed.

  4. The above Rules and Regulations are effective as of December 19, 2011.

FESTIVAL VILLAGE expandcollapse


Reservation form

Katowice has a broad range of accommodation, from cheap hostels to luxury hotels, but we’re giving you the opportunity to live the festival life 24 hours a day! The OFF Festival will feature its own Festival Village, providing you with a place to stay, take care of sanitary needs, and grab a bite to eat.


The Festival Village at OFF Festival Katowice 2012 will open August 2 at noon, and close on August 6 at 3:00 pm.
The OFF Festival Katowice Festival Village is located at the Muchowiec airport, 800 meters from the festival grounds. KZK GOP buses run from the Katowice train station and take only 5 minutes to get to the Village! Detailed information regarding specific bus lines will be posted shortly.
The OFF Festival Village features:
1) Campgrounds: Campgrounds will have a capacity of 2,000 tents and will be accessible to OFF Festival ticket holders only. The campgrounds will be divided into sectors, and workers will be on hand to help you pick a spot. The entire campgrounds will be fenced in and protected by security personnel.
Full bathroom amenities will be available at the campgrounds, including toilets, sinks, and shower stalls.
2) Left luggage facility
3) Food court: Hot and cold beverages, bread, dairy products and basic food items can be purchased at the food court. Boiling water will be provided free of charge. Meals for vegetarians, diabetics, and others with special requirements may also be requested by e-mail before the start of the festival.
4) Medical tent: We hope no one will have to visit it, but we’ll be there for you if the need arises.
5) Cell phone charging stations. 

OFF Festival Katowice 2012 – Festival Village Rules and Regulations

1. The OFF Festival Katowice 2012 Festival Village is a separate, fenced-off area at the Muchowiec Airport in Katowice, which includes: campgrounds, portable toilets, hand wash stations, showers, a left luggage facility, medical tent, food court, and technical facilities.
2. The Festival Village is open all day, from August 2 at 12:00 pm to August 6 at 3:00 pm.
3. The Festival Village is organized by Fundacja Independent.
4. A fee is charged for staying at the Festival Village, and only wristband bearers will be admitted.
5. The wearing of wristbands is mandatory in the Festival Village.
6. A destroyed wristband may be exchanged for a new one free of charge, provided the damaged wristband is returned. If the damaged wristband cannot be returned, a new band will be issued for a fee of 20.00 PLN upon presentation of valid photo ID.
7. Only tents are permitted at the Village campgrounds (campers and trailers are not allowed).
8. following are forbidden at the Festival Village:
- campfires
- open flames in tents
- fireworks
- stoves with gas canisters
- appliances (electric tea kettles, immersion heaters)
- connecting appliances to the Village electrical grid
- damaging Festival Village facilities and plant life
- disturbing the peace in the Village
- littering
- dangerous objects
- alcohol and drugs
- animals
- walking onto the airport tarmac
9. Village guests must adhere to instructions given by the representatives of the Festival organizer and security guards.
10. Persons not abiding by the above rules will be removed from the Festival Village without a refund or possibility of return.
11. Any damages caused by Festival Village guests must be reimbursed in accordance with the Civil Code. Persons removed from the Village (see pt. 10) are not exempt from reimbursing any damages they may have caused.
12. The organizers shall not be held accountable for items lost at the Village or left unattended outside the left luggage facility (including items left in tents).
13. Guests are asked to immediately report any hazards, concerns, or complaints to representatives of the Organizer at the Festival Village or to security guards.
14. The organizer reserves the right to modify these rules.
MINORS will only be permitted into the Festival Village with a waiver completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian.