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Katowice has a broad range of accommodation, from cheap hostels to luxury hotels, but we’re giving you the opportunity to live the festival life 24 hours a day! The OFF Festival will feature its own Festival Village, providing you with a place to stay, take care of sanitary needs, and grab a bite to eat.

The Festival Village at OFF Festival Katowice 2011 will open August 4 at noon, and close on August 8 at 3:00 pm.

The OFF Festival Katowice Festival Village is located at the Muchowiec airport, 800 meters from the festival grounds. KZK GOP buses run from the Katowice train station and take only 5 minutes to get to the Village! Detailed information regarding specific bus lines will be posted shortly.

The OFF Festival Village features:

1) Campgrounds: Campgrounds will have a capacity of 2,000 tents and will be accessible to OFF Festival ticket holders only. The campgrounds will be divided into sectors, and workers will be on hand to help you pick a spot. The entire campgrounds will be fenced in and protected by security personnel.

Full bathroom amenities will be available at the campgrounds, including toilets, sinks, and shower stalls.

2) Left luggage facility

3) Food court: Hot and cold beverages, bread, dairy products, and basic food items can be purchased at the food court. Hot water will be available for free at the food court as well.

4) Medical tent: We hope no one will have to visit it, but we’ll be there for you if the need arises.

5) Cell phone charging stations. 



OFF Festival Katowice 2011 – Festival Village Rules and Regulations

1. The Off Festival Katowice 2010 Festival Village is a separate, fenced-off area at the Muchowiec Airport in Katowice, which includes: campgrounds, portable toilets, hand wash stations, showers, a left luggage facility, medical tent, food court, and technical facilities.
2. The Festival Village is open all day, from August 4 at 12:00 pm to August 8 at 3:00 pm.
3. The Festival Village is organized by Fundacja Independent.
4. A fee is charged for staying at the Festival Village, and only wristband bearers will be admitted.
5. The wearing of wristbands is mandatory in the Festival Village.
6. A destroyed wristband may be exchanged for a new one free of charge, provided the damaged wristband is returned. If the damaged wristband cannot be returned, a new band will be issued for a fee of 20.00 PLN upon presentation of valid photo ID.

7. Only tents are permitted at the Village campgrounds (campers and trailers are not allowed).

8. following are forbidden at the Festival Village:

- campfires
- open flames in tents
- fireworks
- stoves with gas canisters
- appliances (electric tea kettles, immersion heaters)
- connecting appliances to the Village electrical grid
- damaging Festival Village facilities and plant life
- disturbing the peace in the Village
- littering
- dangerous objects
- alcohol and drugs
- animals
- walking onto the airport tarmac
9. Village guests must adhere to instructions given by the representatives of the Festival organizer and security guards.
10. Persons not abiding by the above rules will be removed from the Festival Village without a refund or possibility of return.
11. Any damages caused by Festival Village guests must be reimbursed in accordance with the Civil Code. Persons removed from the Village (see pt. 10) are not exempt from reimbursing any damages they may have caused.
12. The organizers shall not be held accountable for items lost at the Village or left unattended outside the left luggage facility (including items left in tents).
13. Guests are asked to immediately report any hazards, concerns, or complaints to representatives of the Organizer at the Festival Village or to security guards.
14. The organizer reserves the right to modify these rules.
MINORS will only be permitted into the Festival Village with a waiver completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian.